Grant Chapel A.M.E. Church
of Wichita, KS
Our story

Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church was started in 1917 as a mission of our sister church, St. Paul, by Rev. J.W. Ranson and Bishop Archibald J. Carey, Sr. (1868-1931). Grant Chapel was the result of a few God-fearing women who dared to hold prayer meetings, conduct Bible Studies and start a Sunday School in one of their homes. These women were: Mrs. Uleria Thompson, Mrs. Laura Carter and Mrs. Mable Livingood. Later Mrs. Mary Argo and Mrs. Elizabeth Harris joined as teachers.

When the group grew too large for the homes, they moved to a larger home at 1946 N. Washington. Regular services were held there until Rev. J.W. Ransom suggested starting another A.M.E. Church. Accepting the challenge and with the legal advice of Fred Helm, money was borrowed from building and loans to purchase lots at 1600 N. Mosely. A building was purchased from a congregation at 1800 N. Park Place and moved to these lots. Payments for the loan were $1.69 a month. On Sunday mornings, Mrs. Harris would go over to St. Paul and stand at the door to collect what she could for the loan payment.

Grant Chapel was brought before the Annual Conference and was accepted as a mission of St. Paul A.M.E. Church. In 1955, Rev. T. W. Green Jr. was able to take the church from the mission role.

Lots at 1418 N. Piatt were purchased during 1950-1955 and a new building was erected by one of its members, Mr. A.R. Mathews. In 1971, Grant Chapel moved to its present location at 2750 N. Hillside.

Through the years, God has watered us with tears, cultivated us with trails, pruned us with needs, and nurtured us with His blessings. For 106 years Grant Chapel has been standing on strong shoulders and will continue to do so with God’s help.

Chronology of Pastors: Rev. Washington (1920-1922), Rev. Radford (1922-1923), Rev. Minter (1923-1924), Rev. Credic (1924-1925), Rev. William Inyard (1925-1926), Rev. H. F. McClure (1926-1929), Rev. Holley (1929-1930), Rev. Daniels (1930-1931), Rev. Austin (1931-1932), Rev. Hooks (1932-1933), Rev. J. W. Johnson (1933-1934), Rev. Henry (1932-1935), Rev. H. Davis (1935-1936), Rev. F. Price (1937-1938), Rev. A. Guidance (1938-1940), Rev. Tyler (1940-1943), Rev. Reeves (1943-1943), Rev. E. G. Green (1943-1948), Rev. William Camper (1948-1950), Rev. S. J. Wilkerson (1950-1955), Rev. T. W. Green, Jr. (1955-1958), Rev. J. R. Williams, Jr. (1958-1963), Rev. Lovelave (1963-1964), Rev. Waldo White (1964-1966), Rev. J. N. Ferrell (1966-1968), Rev. J. N. Trigg (1968-1970), Dr. Palmer S. Ross (1970-1972), Rev. Nathaniel W. Harper (1972-1975), Rev. E. Lewis Branch (1975-1977), Rev. Dorsey McCullough (1977-1982), Rev. Lemuel L. Oxley (1982-1985), Rev. Loy C. Drew (1985-1998), Rev. Anthony L. Hughes (1998-2001), Rev. Glenn C. Nelson (2001-2006), Rev. Edwin R. Donaldson, Jr. (2006-2009), Dr. Carieta Cain-Grizell (2009-2015), Rev. LeSean Tarkington (2015-2019), Rev. Dr. V. Gordon Glenn, III (2019-Present)

Bishop Abram Grant


Virgil Gordon Glenn III ($VirgilGlenn) is an itinerant elder serving as a pastor in the Midwest Conference of the Fifth Episcopal District at Grant Chapel A.M.E. Church in Wichita, Kansas. Pastor Glenn holds the Bachelor of Arts degree from Suffolk University, the Masters of Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology, both in Boston, Massachusetts, the Doctor of Theology degree in Pastoral Theology from Andersonville Seminary in Camilla, GA. and has recently been accepted into the Professional Certificate program in Peace & Justice Ministries at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, KS (Fall 2023). Dr. Glenn is married to Rev. Rachel Williams-Glenn, LMFT, pastor of St. Luke A.M.E. Church, Lawrence, KS. They are the proud parents of two school-aged daughters.

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